Consulting and preparing Feasibility Study

Consulting and Preparing Feasibility Study

Designing of optimum production lines regarding markets’ needs and conditions and the managers’ points of view

♦ Assigning the machinery and equipments specification

♦ Producing technical – economical comparing tables for the best option of the machinery

♦ Study and control of order confirmation off all machinery

♦ Estimation of basic engineering data for coordinating and control of programming and operations

♦ Estimation of required human resources for the projects

♦ Inspection on order and Manufacturing of machinery for the assurance of quality.

♦ Supervising of Erection and operation of machinery

♦ Designing & supervising of architectural & installation part of projects

♦ Presenting and implementation of ERP systems.

♦ Investment studies in industrial and services sectors.

♦ Introducing the most suitable plan for investment in various provinces, regions and couties.

♦ Preparation of reports and extensive studies on market of products.

♦ Preparation of technical- economical feasibility study, to receive facilities in local currency and foreign currency from the Banking System.

♦ Selection of technical knowledge and appropriate technology for the plan according to industrial developments.

♦ Identification and selection of equipment and machinery manufactures and obtaining Performa.

♦ Optimal Design for machinery lay-out plan.

♦ Accurate estimates of energy requirements and estimates of electricity, water and fuel requirement for factory.

♦ Financial calculations with COMFAR’s financial- economical software.

♦ Accurate financial study of the plan during 10 years after the operation and showing future of investment during 10 years.

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